Johann Goree MIAB
Director JGBC

About JGBC

Based in Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland, we operate JGBC. We specialise in supporting individuals, micro, small and start-up businesses to become more educated about their finances and to find more effective ways of working, in turn, increasing efficiency and profits. We do this by utilising our business management and bookkeeping skill sets and experiences. We have lots of clients that have all seen one or more of three key benefits.

1. Decreased costs and increased profits/ capital to reinvest
2. More time to either spend on new projects or out of the business
3. More confident with businesses financials, past current and future

JGBC and myself are focused on the future of both our industry and that of our clients. We use the latest accounting software, analytical software, along with our own experience and expertise to not only provide historical financial information in the form of accounts and books but also to provide live figures and forecasts to help you understand your business's performance. Through these methods and information sources we strive to support your business as it grows and achieves its goals an aspirations.

We set up JGBC to support start-up businesses, micro-enterprises and small businesses by offering bookkeeping, payroll and business consultancy services to businesses all over the UK.

When I’m not busy supporting businesses, you’ll often find me out with my camera and dog walking and enjoying the beautiful Scottish countryside, eating out or volunteering in the local community.

How can JGBC help you?

We understand not everyone gets excited by numbers and graphs. Some people are fearful, others would just prefer to do anything other than accounts! After helping a few business owner friends with their accounts it became clear that we were supposed to set up our own bookkeeping and accountancy practice.

A lot of Bookkeepers will just do the work and leave it at that. We believe that as a business owner you need to understand your finances so that you can plan for growth. We go the extra mile and help you to understand the accounting processes as well as making sure your books are up-to-date and accurate.

JGBC takes the stress of Bookkeeping & Payroll away, helps you to better understand financial practices and guarantees to cost you less than having your accounts done in-house!

JGBC operates in a friendly, customer-focused manner offering telephone support whenever you need it - after all which businesses operate 9-5, Monday to Friday anymore? No matter where you are in the UK, JGBC is just a phone call, email, whats app, messenger message away to deal with all of your Bookkeeping and Accounting needs! 

Meet Our Team...

Johann Goree MIAB


I created JGBC in early 2017 to provide support for individuals up to £1m+.

Adele Fraser

Practice Manager

Adele joined the team in November 2018 to help Johann continue growing the business while maintaining the level of support and service our clients have come to expect.