Business Consultancy

JGBC offers business support and growth solutions for you and your business. I have a wealth of business experience, knowledge and expertise focusing on the needs of small businesses and startups. I can help you to get on the right track to achieve success and grow your business. Whether you’re an established business with ambitions to grow to the next level, or a new startup needing support, I can help!

Business Advice & Support

I provide business advice and support, whatever stage you’re at in your business. If you are considering a completely new business venture I am here to help you to get the business off the ground, ensuring that you get off to the best possible start.

In my experience, many businesses get stuck writing pages and pages for a business plan that are worthless two days later, don't have a business plan written out have plan for your business in your head and build on it as you grow. The success or failure of your business relies totally upon you, the owner. You may have ‘difficult trading conditions’ but plenty of other factors are usually involved. You need to adapt and exploit all opportunities for growth. Whatever your background and business set-up, growing and developing your business is crucial to its survival through driving sales and increasing profits.

Supplier sourcing and negotiations

The challenge all businesses face is the seemingly ever-growing costs to run. From utility charges to wholesalers, companies often get a rough deal most of all small businesses do; this usually is because of lacking time, experience, skill sets, etc.

JGBC wants to help you get a better deal. I have years of experience in securing better contracts both financially and equally standard of service, in turn, increasing the value of the service. I saved more than £80,000 over three years for his previous company and is keen to help you see substantial savings. 

Don't worry about being told to use big national companies, in my experience 99% of the best value contracts are most often found by using small local firms.    

The best part of this service is it saves your business money without costing you more. JGBC will just ask for a commission equal to 10% of the actual saving generated. If JGBC negotiates you a newly fixed price deal that will be in place a year and you save £1000 over that year, JGBC will ask for £100. If the deal lasts three years, JGBC will ask for £100 a year for three years. If JGBC cannot find you a saving, then there's no charge. 

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Business Mentor

Running a small business can be lonely. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with a business mentor to help and support you through the challenges you face when developing your business - the big difficult decisions and finding the solution to that really tricky problem. An experienced mentor will have ‘been there and done it’ and their experience will help you make the right decision.

Financial Management

This aspect of my consultation services goes hand in hand with my bookkeeping services. Financial Management offers you advice and understanding of your company’s accounts and financial performance. Financial management includes:

  • Financial planning and forecasting
  • Profit improvement strategies
  • Cash flow management and control
  • Establishing financial systems and processes to support growth
  • Developing financial reporting
  • Training of personnel of financial understanding and rules

Business Development Manager

Is your business ready to grow and expand? Taking your business to the next level can be expensive and often ends in failure. You can reduce those risks and increase your chances of success in growing your business by working with an experienced Business Development Manager.

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