Cash Flow/Forecasting

Welcome to JGBC’s newest service offering, Budgeting, Cash Flow Management, Forecasting, Scenario Building and Management Reports. JGBC is really excited to launch this new service because it allows us to support our clients in a whole new way. Johann has several years of experience in writing forecasts, managing monthly reporting and is ready to support you in understanding your financials past current and future.  

Knowing where your business has been gives you excellent insights, and lessons to be learned. But, if we spend all our time looking backwards, how will we know what’s ahead? Most accountants generate their reports from historical data, not having had the tools to work in any other way. Advisory services look to the future, telling you where your business is going and how to best tackle upcoming challenges.

The cloud services we offer in conjunction with Xero and Quickbooks help to visualise all aspects of your business. This gives you improved awareness of what your business is doing and why. Plus, with forecasting tools, we can project the future of your business and model different paths to find the best one for you, based on real data insights.

As advisors, we’re a hybrid of business coaches, mentors and accountants. We work across all industries covering areas as diverse as profitability, transformation, technology, risk, growth, structure and operations. We’ll meet with you regularly to discuss where your business stands today and where it will stand tomorrow.

Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of your business, restructure your company or build a growth plan that minimises risk and maximises potential, talk to our team today.

Cashflow forecasting

We’ll help keep your business cashflow healthy by projecting forward the outcomes of seasonal changes and decisions. Using your actual data, we can build you intelligent and accurate 3-way forecasts, showing how you can reach your future targets and goals. Our reporting and snapshots of actuals vs forecast (targeted data) help you spot trends and opportunities to move forward.

Live planning

We provide detailed, live plans for businesses of any size. Our real-time monitoring plans display your current/historic performance as a basis, so you’ll know your next goals are not only achievable but also taking you in the right direction. We’ll show you how your decisions can impact the path you take in your business. 

Accurate budgeting

Creating a realistic budget enables a structured spending plan and delegates those all-important costs that you can stick to. We can create it from your historical data to stay true to past trends or as a blank canvas for a new chapter of business. Monitoring your performance is made easy. We can turn budgets into forecasts for even more clarity.

Scenario modelling

This service empowers you to ask ‘what-if?’ and get real answers. Need to know if you can afford the next investment in kit or staff? Setting variables and equations creates conceptual and differential avenues that your business can or would like to pursue. We’ll outline the scenarios in our software to give you the most likely, best, worst case outcomes and a middle case for balance. Compare results and make steps towards security.

KPI dashboards

Keeping business objectives at the forefront of decision-making realises targets and builds a more productive organisation. Your objectives are communicated throughout internal and possible external departments entwining a collaboration of Key Performance Indicators throughout the entity. Our dashboard reporting visualises every turning cog in a clear layout. These dashboards make it easy to show your team their progress and how you’re going to reach your next set of goals.

Management reporting

In live dashboards or in printed PDFs, we’ll produce management reports for you to share with your Board, bank or colleagues. We can split up your reports by department so you can see exactly which areas are performing well or need some extra attention. Historical information doesn’t help you progress, so embrace real-time data.

Alert monitoring

Our software enables us to monitor your business 24/7. We can set agreed thresholds or limits to monitor every aspect of your business, keeping you informed and helping you make the right decisions. Our alerts let you know what’s happening and your dashboards show you the detail.