Credit Control

Welcome to JGBC’s Credit Control Solution. JGBC is really excited to launch this new service because it allows us to support our clients in the day to day running of their business and ensure cash flow and invoicing run smoothly. 

The Top Three Benefits of using JGBC:-

  • Get paid faster/ Increase Cash Flow
  • Spend less time on collections
  • Improve client relations
  • Fully manage and expedite your company's A/R
  • Collect Invoices via custom reminders
  • Allow customers to pay from the invoice with ACH or CC
  • Reduce Human Resource costs
  • Automated Recurring Invoices and Payments
  • Automatically update into accounting platform
  • Comprehensive Dashboard Reporting 
  • Credit Card Auto-updating

How it works

The Top 8 Reasons Why You Get Paid Faster

  • Automatically Get All Your Invoices Out On Time
    Insure that all invoices make it out on time - even recurring invoices
  • Clients can pay directly from the email reminders with more payment options. No More “Check Is In The Mail” syndrome
    Expedite payment and allow a seamless process for clients to pay their invoices via Credit Card or ACH payments
  • Automatically Add Late fees + Early Payment Discounts
    Decide on a customer or group of customer levels to apply late fees to invoices automatically incentives clients to pay early with customisable discounts
  • Client portal let’s customers view and pay invoices
    With a view of their full history of invoices and payments, your customers can pay past due invoices immediately without asking you to resend them
  • Notifications And Reminders Go Out Automatically
    Customize and Schedule Auto-Reminder emails and SMS Text to go out automatically when and as frequently as you like
  • Eliminate Expired Credit Cards
    Automatically update Credit Card expiry dates before they expire
  • Full Visibility Via Reporting Dashboard
    Ensure full A/R visibility to pro-actively identify who is past due and where to focus on collecting
  • Recurring payments come in automatically
    JGBC makes it easy to set-up automatic payments and get you paid faster. Online payments go straight into your bank account