We believe
Every small business owner
Should have access to true support

We’re all human beings ultimately. Everyone in the JGBC team holds to the same ethics when it comes to supporting small businesses.

What true support
really means to us:

We work best with people who are on our wavelength, they are:
To find out more about our ideal client have a look at this blog

The JGBC Promise

Our Promise delivers free support and resources to anyone that is about to or has already started running a business regardless them being a sole trader, freelancer, partnership, LTD CIC or Charity.

The support and resources include:

See how we support you in practical terms

Meet our Dedicated Department Heads

We are a small, friendly and supportive team that work hard to support our clients and deliver the best service.


Scott Fletcher

Practice Manager

Scott joined JGBC in October 2019 with years of experience in various roles including running his own business he is ideally suited to support our growing client base.

Scott leads a behind the scenes team to deliver our clients accounts, taxes and bookkeeping.

Scott also looks after our newest service, Research & Development Tax Relief. This tax relief is often ignored by small businesses and in turn R&D companies ignore small businesses but at JGBC we know that main small businesses could be missing out on this cash injection and are working to ensure all entitled to the relief receive it.


Jade Patek

Head of accounts and Bookkeeping

Jade joined JGBC in May 2019 and her role is too oversee and deliver our Bookkeeping Support service to our clients.

Jades ability to see patterns, anomalies and fix them is fantastic and we have yet to find her a challenging set of books or accounts she can’t fix!


Helen Wood

Head of Payroll

Helen joined JGBC in February 2019 and is now a Director of the company and Head of Payroll.

Helen looks after all our clients payrolls and is a font of knowledge for payroll clients struggling to understand the ins and outs of employing staff.

Helen works along side Johann to grow and improve the business.


Johann Goree


Johann Founded JGBC in 2017

With the goal of supporting start up and small businesses. Starting by himself and no clients in May 2017 he grew the business to a team of nine supporting over 340 clients by the end of 2020.

Johann is no longer involved in the day to day operation of JGBC, instead he is in a new role of Managing Director of our parent company OnPoint Accounting Group where he leads group of accounting firms to deliver the same culture and values as he installed into JGBC and its team.

JGBC Testimonials

JGBC Supporting
the local community:

Our team are very community minded and we are very proud of their great voluntary work commitments.

How JGBC is giving back

JGBC has benefited from some fantastic support over the last three years and we feel it is only right that we give something back. We do this in a few different ways;

Mentoring local startups – Once a year we take on one startup or small business and support them free of charge with bookkeeping, accounts, software, taxes and consulting. Since 2018 we have been proud to support and watch J H Creations grow and learn, we look forward to continuing our support of this fantastic new local business and are being our search for the next local startup to support.

JGBC - Support - Local Community
Speak to Us Today

If you would like to be considered for this support starting in April 2021 then all you need to do is send an email explaining your business idea and the planning you have done to date.

Start by telling us what stage your business is in right now, and the biggest challenge you’re facing. We’ve got your back.